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Safety First

It has been said that “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul” we want everyone here to enjoy our sport for many years, to take from the Poker world “You don't stop riding because you get old, you get old because you stop riding.” The community here on have collected resources we feel will help foster safety and responsibility in our community.

Click here to find a course near you. Before testing your skills in the already risky traffic ways, invest in quality training offered through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The MSF is an internationally recognized not-for-profit foundation, supported by motorcycle manufacturers, that provides leadership to the motorcycle safety community through its expertise, tools, and partnerships. The time you spend with a qualified riding coach, can shave time off your learning curve and could keep you from finding yourself or someone else as a statistic.

If you live in the USA Click on the Basic Rider Course Logo to find a course near you.

Safety Article: The Pace
Safety Article: Extreme Road Rash-Cause, Effect, and Lesson Learned


If you are new to bikes OR new to the FZR600 then START HERE!

Tech Books & Links is a LIST of Reference Books & URL's that deal with:-

  • Motorcycle Engineering, Modification,Fabrication Techniques etc.,
  • Motorcycle reference sites for Tyre specs,Plugs, Oil Filters, Rims, etc.,
  • Technical Articles from the World of Motorcycle racing.
  • General Engineering references that are useful for the Bike Mod'ing fraternity
  • The Complete list of our very own HOW-TO's


FZR Specifics

Everything we know about your specific bike, we aim to be the most comprehensive resource on the net, got a question, start here. The bikes have been organized by class. Click on your class below to see specs, modifications, and upgrades related to your bike.

|FZR250|FZR400|FZR600|FZR750|FZR1000|Database of Yamaha Parts you can use for swapping|


General Bike Maintenance

|Gearing Chart|Fluids|Tires|Battery|Fuel Tank|Shim Swap Program|FZR & Other Models Parts Weights| Paint Colour Codes

All information within this section is provided to you by your fellow bike enthusiasts. While there is a good deal of knowledge on this site, nothing can replace a fully qualified and highly skilled bike mechanic. But for those that like 'do it yourself' - the info in this Wiki may help you out a little bit.

Tales From The Shed: Stories From The Do It Yourselfer

Winterizing your Bike

Our Very Own Guru Written Bits

FZROnline How To's

Subject Author Last Modified
Suspension Related
HOW-TO: Rear Shock Lengths compiled by ABS600FZRR 2009-08-26
HOW-TO: Dog Bone Lengths compiled by Stig & Y-Geo. 2010-05-30
HOW-TO: Front Suspension Tuning Jim Stewart & Yamaha-George 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Installing PD Valves/ Cartridge Emulators Yamaha-George (UK) 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: 99-02 R6 Fork Swap Mark (95FZR600) 2009-02-02
HOW-TO: 99-02 R6 Swing Arm Swap Mark (95FZR600) 2009-02-01
Fuel System
HOW-TO: Everything you need to know about carburetors RageDigital 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Flo-Commander Tuning ZERO9243 2010-06-07
HOW-TO: Repack Your Exhaust Can jsph.mitch 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: DIY Muffler Jim Stewart 2009-10-20
HOW-TO: POD Tuning Dr. FatBlunt & Y-Geo (UK) 2009-10-11
Electrical System
HOW-TO: VR Troubleshooting Flowchart NAESLAS 2009-11-05
HOW-TO: r6_voltage_regulator_conversion TommyJ27 2012-09-10
HOW-TO: TCI-Repair TrifGeorge (UPDATED) 2011-06-17
HOW-TO: Coil-over Plug MOD Ollie05 2011-05-18
HOW-TO: Ignition_Advance ReelRazor 2009-07-29
HOW-TO: Park / Turn signals (Converting LED Turn signals into riding/park lights) Troy (Catz) 2009-08-01
HOW-TO: LED Instrument WARNING lamp conversion Mawler (UK) 2010-05-10
HOW-TO:- Tacho Electronics Inside Mawler's Tacho 2010-06-17
HOW-TO:- It Won't Spark, Now What? DonTZ125 2011-11-23
Body Work
HOW-TO: Fairing Repairs With Plastex Dr. Rockso 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Adjust your Valve Clearances Icontender 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Removing the Flywheel Icontender 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: R6 Rearsets swap by Tlc2Cann 2009-08-17
HOW-TO: Spreadsheet of bike sprockets that fit FZR's located by Y-Geo (UK) 2009-10-27
HOW-TO: Clutch-page Mark (95FZR600) & DonTZ125 2009-06-18
Braking System
HOW-TO: Cleaning and Flushing your Brake Systems BNT83 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Bleeding a dry brake system in 5 minutes! Match417 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Brake Rotors From Other Models OzzyFZR 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Tyre-Pressures ReelRazor 2009-04-29
HOW-TO: Seafoam-usage Seafoam Tech. Dept & ZERO9243 2009-02-02
HOW-TO: Cleaning the bikes Alloy bits Eric Lamberts 2009-10-20
Misc Bits & Bobs
YZF600R swing arm swap MrFreeze5 2009-07-22
Complete rear shock swap kit ideas/sales REELRAZOR 2009-10-28
Working jet settings from modded FZR bikes Y-Geo (UK) 2009-03-28
YZF600R Tank swap MrFreeze5 2009-07-22
EXUP REPAIR 4003TJ 2009-09-10
Yammyha's Transmission Repair Yammyha 2009-12-26
How-To Install an Aftermarket Oil Pressure Gauge bweight 2010-04-23

Basic Upgrades

Here is a list of the most common upgrades for the FZR.

|Front Suspension|Rear Suspension|

HYBRID: Custom Fabrication/Street Fighters

FZR Professional: Performance Riding/Track Days

Vendors and where to buy stuff


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