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Hotfix release available: 2024-02-06a "Kaos". upgrade now! [55.1] (what's this?)
New release available: 2024-02-06 "Kaos". upgrade now! [55] (what's this?)

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The speedo healer & FJR sensor unit is through EBay, the white box is thro Mszilves on the Forum

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I've completely finished the whole setup now, and here are pics of what I did with the speed sensor. I have mounted the speed sensor on the crankcase to read the 6th gear sprocket, which is what the R1/R6 sensor reads. This is definitely not for the average person, as it involves drilling a 3/4 inch hole into the crankcase, but it actually turned out easier than I thought, since the crankase is an aluminum alloy, it drills really easy. And since the area of the crankcase I drilled is basically just a cover (no sitting oil or high pressure), I think this mod was pretty safe to do.

The FZR 6th gear sprocket has 30T, while the R1 6th has 29T, so right away, it's pretty close. Throw in the Speedo Healer, do some minor adjustments, and we're off. BTW, the speed sensor you see here is off an XV1600 I got off ebay.

I took the bike out today, and man was it cool having the digital speedo working. This so far, is the coolest mod I've done to the bike. I love it! Just gotta be careful to keep my eyes on the road now till the novelty wears off. I think it's funny since most later model bikes have digital gauges, this should be no big deal, but I'm really excited to have these mounted! I guess that's why we're here… retro modding instead of buying new bikes!

Oil flying out all over OR water gets inside then contaminates the oil? I could see that hole causing alot of problems

Nope, none of that. I sealed the sensor with black liquid gasket (good to like 300 degrees), and since there is no pressure in that area of the crankcase (no oil pressure), what little oil splashes around inside there will not come out. And no water will ever get in either. The last pic of the sensor is after a test ride, and not a drop of oil.

The location of the sensor is actually pretty well hidden from the elements, which is another reason why I chose to go that route. If you were to mount it on the sprocket, imagine how much crap will be all over it from the chain. And it's also a safety issue for me, I don't like having sensors and metal brackets mixing with a drive chain.

What about metal shavings in the tranny case?

As for the shavings, I went really slowly and used tapping oil which picked up most of the shavings. The few that are left you can pick out with your finger/q-tips, and if a few tiny ones remain, they will be washed to the bottom of the pan and drained with my next oil change, which will be pretty soon. Also, the gears are hardened metal, while the shavings are soft aluminum, so I'm not too worried.

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Had to make a spacer and JB-Weld® it for length. R6 sensor was too long. The FJR sensor is a better length but use an O ring to help seal & get the depth right.

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- 95FZR600 & Mszilves

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