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Carb tuning with individual pods

This is a very heated subject from way back when and the results have been very hit and miss, some swear by individual pods others swearing at them.

A guy from another list came up with this idea.which is quite simple but effective here is his idea i will comment afterwards: QUOTE:-

“dr.fatblunt” <dr.fatblunt@…> wrote: Well guys dunno what to say, thanks for all the replies and to everyone who offered up some advice, but i got her done!!!

She runs sweet as a nut using the PODS!!!! after much messing, changing the mains, adjusting needle hight, mixture, exhaust systems!!! etc etc!! the solution was remarkably simple.

While looking at all tha bits of fzr strewn around my shop, one of the original airbox rubbers caught my eye, well after pickin up said rubber and looking more closely it became apparent to me that it resembled a rubber velocity stack.

Which got me thinking, long story short, bowl of warm water, can of three in 1 oil, firm but gentle hand, I shoved the bell mouth end of the original stock carb to airbox rubber inside the k&N, and refittted them to the carb.

  As by magic no more hole in the power band!!!! running #110 mains, 2, 1/2 turns out on mixture, stock end can! 

AWESOME!!!! pulls like a good un!!!!

p.s. I had to trim down the rubber lip/rim/ring that runs round the middle of the rubbers holding them in place on the airbox, using some snips and a rasp to finish off, gives the k&n mouth something to sit nicely on!


This whole moving the pod off the carb mouth is NOT new I had done it on RD400's back in the 1980's when they proved a bitch to tune as well. you can see a shot of the grey plastic carb extension tubes on this picture of my bike back in 85 :-

Stupid as it may seem I never ever thought about recommending this idea to the FZR guys, Sorry put it down to a senior moment

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