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How it works



Time: 30 minutes if you're fast

  1. Remove Seats
  2. Remove tank cover
  3. Remove airbox
  4. Remove gas tank
    1. Turn gas tank to the off position.
    2. Use a pair of pliers to disconnect the fuel line (its red) from the carbs.
      :!:Get a cup as some gas will come out of the fuel line. :!:
    3. Remove the fuel valve key. (remove the screw and pull it off)
      :!:If you don't do this your tank will get stuck on its way out.:!:
    4. Remove the two tank holders that are bolted into the frame. (you need a 10mm and 12mm socket wrench)
    5. Carefully pull up on the tank place on the floor.
  5. Use a 3mm allen key and loosen the intake manifold boots. (go buy a set of allen key socket wrenches as its much easier)
  6. Remove the choke from the frame.
  7. Remove the throttle cables from the carbs. pull the throttle to give you some leverage. You will also need a 10mm wrench.
  8. Now stand over your bike and pull the carbs out. You need to rock them back and forth to get them out.
  9. There will still be gas in the carbs so you need to empty it. If you go outside and turn them upside down a few times it usually gets everything out.

- icontender

Throttle cables




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Placed here by Y_G until he gets a chance to edit this properly 2010-04-03 A picture is worth 1000 words.(Carb Sync Tool)(Feel free to edit or use pictures) An explanation of float height setting with tech terms explained

Idle Adjustment

In this photo, you can clearly see the idle adjust screw - top left. It has the flex area covered in the black plastic sheathing.

*Note: These are Cali carbs and have 2 tubes shown on the right that may or may not be like your bike. I removed and plugged those holes.

Turning the idle adjust screw clockwise will increase idle RPM's and counter clockwise will decrease rpms

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FZR600 carburetor cleaning (by match417)


Drilling out EPA caps (by match417)


Bench sync FZR600 carbs (by match417)



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