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In this case, the lower right hand fairing had a missing piece where the front wheel hit it due to the previous owner using a curb like a ramp. I wanted to keep my graphics, so I started looking for a donor piece, which I got from a fellow enthusiast. I had to use some of the extra plastic to fill the gap, as measurements were a little off, after cutting the pieces to fit, I took a razor blade and cut the edges of the piece so that when placed into my fairing there is a V along the crack. I held the pieces together with Scotch® tape.

:!:This stuff will mess with paint & stickers, if you use alot of the plastex liquid , or if you let it run everywhere and don't wipe it up.:!:

The 2 pieces I am going to patch it with (with a V cut into the crack) Scotch® taped together.

I then added Plastex™, It is a lot easier to put just the powder in the crack and then add the liquid than it is to drip the liquid into a cup of powder and then pick it up in a little ball like the one they show on their video. I used clear Plastex™, here it is as one piece.

I sanded the piece so when I paint it I won't screw up any of the original paint,stickers, or whatever. Here, it is Scotch® taped into the fairing with a small piece of plastic taped to it for support.

All taped in and applying the Plastex powder

Putting on the Plastex™ epoxy

The finished product (well the bottom of it ) Oh, and note I used the clear and an hour later it's thick strong clear plastic.

This stuff goes on really easily, and it's strong as hell, I think this is pretty amazing stuff . Plaztex™ rules! The first piece I Plastex'd together I put a bunch of pressure on and it didn't break, if I have enough left after fixing all the major cracks I'm going to use the fiberglass that came with the kit to reinforce the big chunk that was missing. It's really strong, it actually turns into plastic and seems to flex fairly well, it's as strong or stronger than the stock plastic.


-Dr. Rockso

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