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Hotfix release available: 2024-02-06a "Kaos". upgrade now! [55.1] (what's this?)
New release available: 2024-02-06 "Kaos". upgrade now! [55] (what's this?)


  • This mod will allow you to use any year or make fork setup on your FZR
  • By using a threaded rod in 1/2inch or 5/8inch you are able to use any

year model or make for this build. My first set of bushings were single sided and r6 stem was chopped to use for taking up the slack in the upper and lower triple holes.

  • We now have come up with a design to use a double ended bushing on the top

and bottom of the triple and bearings. It will serve as taking up slack in the triples and providing a place for the bearings to rest on. Oem bearings are retained in this mod.

  • The 1st set of bushings were made from 6061 Aluminum Rod. These are still in place

and used in my bike. I will give a 500 mile and 1000 mile inspection this summer. We have now changed to Steel Double Sided bushings giving it a more solid fit for added security and tolerances.

  • I want to thank (Rob) CAD600 for everything on this build. Together we will be

able to provide the bushings for any fork build you may have.

  • I have purchased my own metal lathe and will be producing bushings for this mod.

If you need anything made let one of us know. Thanks!8-)

Materials List:

  • Triples, these are for a 99-02 R6 but any other YEARS / MODEL will work
  • Fork Tubes, that match the Triples
  • Hardened threaded rod in either 1/2inch or 5/8inch
  • Double ended bushings (contact cad600 or 95FZR600)
  • Clipons, that match the forks
  • Wheel / Brakes, that match the forks
  • Use your existing FZR bearings,spacers and dust caps

2 Bushings need to be made for upper and lower triples:

After bushings were made to fit:

  • The OEM stem was cut at the bottom triple and used for a bushing
  • I also cut the OEM stem at the top below both sets of threads and used at the top
  • In the future we will be using a double ended bushing for top and bottom and the OEM stem will not be used.


  • I want to thank (rob) cad600 for the use of his bike and also designing the bushings
  • Once the bushings were cut we were able to install them on his bike (FZR600)
  • You can see the bushings are to take up space of the OEM stem
  • The OEM needle bearings and dust covers were used from the FZR

Contact: Cad600 or 95FZR600 for bushings

UPDATE from TONY FOALE on the Design



Pix entitled “BottomYoke., Bottom Yoke 1, Bottom yoke 2, Bottom yoke 3…” at

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