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How to adjust your valve clearances

This is incomplete but please feel free to edit this if you have knowledge on this matter

  • Difficulity: medium
  • Attention to detail: medium
  • Time: 6-8 hours (if you get the timing right)
  • Tools needed: socket wrench, small extension, 8mm, 10mm sockets, ice cube tray, magnet tool, pen, paper

Once you have recorded the clearances and the shim sizes you want to use the shimulator to calculate your new shims. Shimulator

There are two ways to perform this procedure and you'll need to decide which method is better for you. The two ways of doing this are with the engine removed and the engine still in the frame. I've outline the pros, cons below.

Removed Pros: easier to access valve cover, shims, timing and everyting else. You might also find additional issues that you might not be able to find otherwise

Removed Cons: adds additional time and requires more tools.

  1. Put piston at TDC(top dead center) timing reasons.
  • Remove valve cover (8mm)
  • Remove chain guard
  • Remove bridges one at a time
  • Remove top right first, then top left, then bottom right, then bottom left

:!: You must loosen the bolts evenly starting with the middle bolts. :!: Only loosen a few revolutions at a time. If you don't do this the bridge will break!

- icontender

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