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Repacking Your Exhaust Can

I decided to pull the core on my V&H Exhaust. I suspected it was shot or blown. Low and behold, the glass was not even there. I stopped at my local bike shop to get a repack kit, but he wanted 25 dollars for it. He suggested I use very course steel. wool. SO off to Wal-Mart I went. I picked up 8 boxes of Chore Boy steel “sponges”. I think they were 1.19 each.

Once I got home, I took the core and scrubbed it with a wire brush to get all the caked up crap off of it.

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The exhaust sounded raspy but had plenty of power.

Exhaust does not sound so raspy. It still have the same power as before.
I also think some of the vibrations I felt before, are not as bad.

8-)1 out of 108-)

I stretched the sponges out and figured that they will cover 1/2 of the core by wrapping it over the top. and joining 2 together. They will stick to each other with out the need to tie them. I did this all the way down the core. I have 2 left over. I then put it back in the can. I had to use a small flathead screwdriver to help poke the sponge in. Its take a little time to do. then reinstalled the screws, and went for a ride.


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