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Technical books & links

Over the past year I have been asked to describe all manner of Technical details regarding the care & alterations to our beloved FZR's of all sizes.

The following list is provided as a basis of learning more about bike engineering and modification. It is aimed at those who do not necessarily have an engineering background but would like to take their knowledge of things bike to a new level.

I have read all of these books and some of them are rarely far from my reach. If you suffer from insomnia these books will keep you awake

Title author ISBN ref No. Comment Date Added
Haynes FZR repair Manual John Haynes 1 85960 370 X THE BOOK on FZR maintenance 2008-11-09
please check here for mis-prints that could lead to disaster when you use a manual
Chapter 4 Section 2 Page 18 the timing mark picture is upside down !!!!
Motorcycle Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting and Repair Tracey Martin ISBN-10: 0760327165 Motor cycle electrics trouble shooting 2009-10-20
Motorcycle Tuning 4 strokes John Robinson not known 4 stroke theory & tuning tips 2008-11-09
Motorcycle Tuning 2 strokes John Robinson 0 434 91741-9 good basis for carb theory 2008-11-09
Sports Bike Performance Handbook Kevin Cameron 0 7903 0229-4 aimed at fast riders 2008-11-09
Racing Motorcycle a Technical guide to constructors VOL.1 John Bradley 0 9512929 2 7 construction theory 2008-11-09
The Racing Motorcycle a Technical guide to constructors VOL.2 John Bradley 0 9512929 3 5 fabrication Techniques 2008-11-09
Motorcycle Chassis Design Tony Foale construction & theory of frames & bike handling 2008-11-09
Exhaust and Intake Systems Philip H. Smith 0 837 60309 9 Engine Through put designs 2011-09-06
Motorcycle Dynamics Vittore Cossalter 978 1 4303 0861-4 A serious student book aimed at those wanting a degree 2008-11-09
The Shock Absorber handbook Dixon 0-7680-0050-5 published by the SAE 2009-09-17
2 stroke tuners handbook Gordon Jennings 0 912656-41-7 one of the tuners bibles 2008-11-09
2 stroke performance tuning A. Graham Bell 1 85960 619-9 another strokers bible 2008-11-09
2 stroke engine design & tuning K. G. Draper Dated but still worthwhile 2008-11-09
2 stroke tuning Kevin Bacon 0 8518 4039 -6 a good all round read 2008-11-09
white papers on 2 stroke tuning Prof Blair Univ of Dublin for the serious student of engine werx 2008-11-09
Books for Improving your Riding Skills
Twist of the Wrist Keith Code A good read just before track days 2008-11-09

Very useful sites

Online FULL FZR manual 2009-01-05
Online FZR Manual 2009-09-29
Online FZR Manual 2009-10-31
FZR250 carb setting 2012-12-23
DIY FZR Fuel measuring gauge how to 2012-12-23
Cleaning FZR 250 Carbs Photo run thro 2012-12-23
Common Torques value for FZR's 2009-01-13
YZF, Thundercat & FZR frames 2010-06-28
useful page for general maintenance & mods 2011-12-16
Fork spring calculator for you & the FZR6 yzf '88-'98 2010-06-30
Spark Plug Cross reference 2009-09-08
Clutch Plate Alternatives 2010-11-20
Spark Plug Cap reference 2010-06-03
Chain specifications 2009-11-13
HOW-TO: V-R trouble shooting Flow chart by NAESLAS 2009-11-05
Electrical system trouble shooting 2011-06-23
OEM Harness / Loom Connectors
OEM Harness / Loom Connector Sales (US) 2009-10-08
OEM Loom Repair kits + plugs & sockets for DIY looms (UK) 2010-09-10
OEM Loom Repair kits + plugs & Sockets for DIY looms (US) 2010-09-11
Most Bike & ATV wiring diagrams 2010-09-10
K & N filter Part numbers
Dual filter pods for the FZR 2009-04-07
Jet size Comparison chart for all makes of JET
Compares DynoJet, Mikuni & Factory Pro Jets numbering systems to actual flow rates 2009-04-18
DynoJet Information
DynoJet Jet fitting instructions 2009-14-18
How to decipher your American VIN code to see model /year etc. 2009-01-14
Information printed on your TYRES
WARNING ! Your TYRE'S production date is IMPORTANT 2011-09-05
**HOWTO:- ** Production date PIRELLI tyres 2008-12-24
Dunlop tyre codes cracked 2008-12-28
DOT codes you should know about 2008-12-28
Specification details on MOTORCYCLE RIMS
International Standard RIM profiles for Motorcycle WHEELS (ISO 4249-3) 2009-02-27
Brake disc comparison spread sheet 2014-04-22
Understanding how relays work on your FZR 2009-01-14
A host of useful info about forks & steering stem sizes with bearings 2009-01-19
A complete world of Motorcycle lists and Yellow pages for parts around the world 2009-01-21
Suspension related sites
Steering stem bearing swap chart 2011-11-22
Suspension tuning for adults 2011-02-21
Calculator for fork "trail" (Windows only) 2009-02-01
Bike Suspension Bible 2009-05-01
Suspension race settings FZR4/6 2009-06-03
How to tune your suspension|Jim Stewarts how to tune your suspension 2008-11-15
Various bike REAR shock lengths by Michael Moore 2009-07-13
FZR Bearing numbers 2009-08-07
Ignition related sites
After market ignitions (tunable) 2009-08-17
Body Work Sites
Materials for Bodywork Making / Repairing 2009-08-18
Making your own kevlar / carbon Fibre tanks 2012-10-06
Calculators for engine tuning etc.
Engine Performance Calculators 2009-09-25
FREE SOFTWARE for tinkerers
FREE Software for people who build stuff 2009-10-20
Pre-made sections of Carbon Fibre
Carbon Fibre pre-made sections etc 2009-10-20
Calculating master cylinder to caliper ratio's
M/C bores & caliper ratio calculation table 2010-05-05
De-coding your vin code for model & year of Manufacture
VIN DE_CODER 2010-05-06
GSXR Wheel Info.
GSXR rotor info. 2011-01-14
Race fairing for FZR 600
Race Fairings UK 2011-04-12
URL Comments Date Added British Mag aimed at Racers & Wannabe Gearheads 2008-11-09 British mag for fans of Italian bikes lots of tech stuff:} 2010-06-19

Yamaha info specific web sites

URL comments Date Added Parts Micro - fiche for FZR 2009-02-02 Database of Yamaha parts that can be interchanged 2008-11-21 ALL year motorcycle parts lists for YAMAHA 2009-08-07 Logo Sets/FZR600logosets.html logo sets for FZR 600 all years (including oversize to cover old decals ) 2009-01-05 More FZR 600 decal sets 2009-01-20 every thing decal 2009-01-20
TITLE (LINK) Date Added
Basic Bike Mechanics & Troubleshooting Guide for Yound and Old 2008-11-15
Serious Tech Engine Tuning by Prof. Blaire 2009-11-03
The Motor Dynamics course as taught by Vittore Cossalter at Padova University, Italy 2009-12-06
Mega squirt DIY Fuel Injection System 2008-11-09
Kawasaki's Moto GP bike tech breakdown 2008-11-09
CRP case studies from MotoGP & the racing world 2009-01-18
Electronics hones the MotoGP racer's edge 2008-11-09
Kawasaki Motorcycle Electronics 2008-11-09
Electronics : Where the Rubber meets the Road 2008-11-09
New types of Bearings 2008-11-09
Private investigation of oil filter construction mostly for Honda models (included here as FZR use some Honda sizes) 2008-11-09
Another investigation on oil filters for Honda & Suzuki bikes 2008-11-09
CLASSIC Instructions on Reading / Selecting Spark Plugs by Gordon Jennings 2008-11-15
Spark Plug Reading 2011-09-02
How to tune your suspension|How to Tune your Suspension by Jim Stewart 2008-11-15
Traction control for a bike? 2008-11-24
Anti-reversal cones for exhaust pipe tuning : PT 1 2008-12-07
Anti-reversal cones for exhaust pipe tuning : PT 2 2008-12-07
Another Anti-reversal cones for exhaust pipe tuning : PT 1 2008-12-07
Anti-reversal cones for exhaust pipe tuning : PT 2 2008-12-07
Anti-reversal cones for exhaust pipe tuning : PT 3 2008-12-07
Tuning the Exhaust 2010-01-14
Software for Designing & Making 4 Stroke Exhausts by Jim Schneider 2010-06-04
Designing a reversed mega phone slip on to cut noise 2009-01-01
Simple science for mufflers 2009-01-01
Ducati superbike muffler construction explained 2009-01-01
Supertrap muffler with dimensions added 2009-01-01
A whimsical way to quieten the noisiest bike BUT it works 2009-01-02
HOWTO: Put a FZR600 3HE engine in a FZR400 3TJ frame 2008-12-13
Lightweight Batteries for Racing (Dutch distributer.Phone: +31 (0) 416 660 663 E-mail: 2009-01-06
Sealed Batteries for the FZR 2009-10-14
Rear axle sizes various bikes & makes 2011-02-14
Front Axle sizes various bikes & makes 2011-02-14

Technical books for general engineering

Technical books of interest to budding engineers & those who want to improve their knowledge of how to work on their Projects
Title author ISBN ref No. Comment Date Added
Metal Fabricator's Handbook Ron & Sue Fournier 0-89586-870-9 Lots of useful techniques for part making in sheet metal 2009-01-14
Sheet metal Handbook Ron & Sue Fournier 0-89586-757-5 How to make exhausts & fuel/oil tanks fenders etc. 2009-01-14
Successful Composite Techniques Keith Noakes 13: 9781847970541 A practical introduction to the use of modern composite materials 2009-01-15

Technical URL's for General Engineering

Technical URL's of Project Helpers for budding engineers & others

DIY Gadgets for Bikers

Our Very Own Guru Written Bits

FZROnline How To's

Subject Author Last Modified
Suspension Related
HOW-TO: Rear Shock Lengths compiled by ABS600FZRR 2009-08-26
HOW-TO: Dog Bone Lengths compiled by Stig & Y-Geo. 2010-05-30
HOW-TO: Front Suspension Tuning Jim Stewart & Yamaha-George 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Installing PD Valves/ Cartridge Emulators Yamaha-George (UK) 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: 99-02 R6 Fork Swap Mark (95FZR600) 2009-02-02
HOW-TO: 99-02 R6 Swing Arm Swap Mark (95FZR600) 2009-02-01
Fuel System
HOW-TO: Everything you need to know about carburetors RageDigital 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Flo-Commander Tuning ZERO9243 2010-06-07
HOW-TO: Repack Your Exhaust Can jsph.mitch 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: DIY Muffler Jim Stewart 2009-10-20
HOW-TO: POD Tuning Dr. FatBlunt & Y-Geo (UK) 2009-10-11
Electrical System
HOW-TO: VR Troubleshooting Flowchart NAESLAS 2009-11-05
HOW-TO: r6_voltage_regulator_conversion TommyJ27 2012-09-10
HOW-TO: TCI-Repair TrifGeorge (UPDATED) 2011-06-17
HOW-TO: Coil-over Plug MOD Ollie05 2011-05-18
HOW-TO: Ignition_Advance ReelRazor 2009-07-29
HOW-TO: Park / Turn signals (Converting LED Turn signals into riding/park lights) Troy (Catz) 2009-08-01
HOW-TO: LED Instrument WARNING lamp conversion Mawler (UK) 2010-05-10
HOW-TO:- Tacho Electronics Inside Mawler's Tacho 2010-06-17
HOW-TO:- It Won't Spark, Now What? DonTZ125 2011-11-23
Body Work
HOW-TO: Fairing Repairs With Plastex Dr. Rockso 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Adjust your Valve Clearances Icontender 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Removing the Flywheel Icontender 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: R6 Rearsets swap by Tlc2Cann 2009-08-17
HOW-TO: Spreadsheet of bike sprockets that fit FZR's located by Y-Geo (UK) 2009-10-27
HOW-TO: Clutch-page Mark (95FZR600) & DonTZ125 2009-06-18
Braking System
HOW-TO: Cleaning and Flushing your Brake Systems BNT83 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Bleeding a dry brake system in 5 minutes! Match417 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Brake Rotors From Other Models OzzyFZR 2008-11-20
HOW-TO: Tyre-Pressures ReelRazor 2009-04-29
HOW-TO: Seafoam-usage Seafoam Tech. Dept & ZERO9243 2009-02-02
HOW-TO: Cleaning the bikes Alloy bits Eric Lamberts 2009-10-20
Misc Bits & Bobs
YZF600R swing arm swap MrFreeze5 2009-07-22
Complete rear shock swap kit ideas/sales REELRAZOR 2009-10-28
Working jet settings from modded FZR bikes Y-Geo (UK) 2009-03-28
YZF600R Tank swap MrFreeze5 2009-07-22
EXUP REPAIR 4003TJ 2009-09-10
Yammyha's Transmission Repair Yammyha 2009-12-26
How-To Install an Aftermarket Oil Pressure Gauge bweight 2010-04-23

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