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Turning 2 wire LED turn signals into 3 wire turn & riding lights

There is not a lot of options available along the lines of three way led lights to act as Ride Lights and turn signals. I spent a lot of time online, researching my options, and finally, after a lot of research, have come up with a way to have a simple led act as both a Ride light & turn signal, for around 3 dollars in parts, and around 30 minutes of work.

As for parts, I already had the LED lights, which are simple, two wire LED lights, designed to act as turn signals.

What you will need is following, easily bought in one trip to Radio Shack:

2 IN4004 Rectifier Diodes - Part Number 276-1103

1 560 Ohm 1/2 watt resistor - Part Number 271-1116

This is for each side, so for two side, you will double those numbers, 4 diodes, and two resistors. The diodes come in two to a pack for .99 cents, and the resistors come four to a pack, for .99 cents, for three bucks total.

You might want to pick up some Heat shrink tubing, to protect those joints, but you should already have some of those, right?

Now, for the wiring, it seems harder than it is. You will need to identify a couple of wires on each side, mainly the turn signal, parking lamp, and ground circuits. A quick google search, or the use of a multimeter should easily identify which wires are which. The wire colors vary from each side, so don't assume because one turn signal wire on one side is black with a yellow stripe the other will be the same.

Once those are found, take a piece of wire and make a simple circuit for each wire, represented by the following image:

Colors are NOT what they might be under your hood, I just made them different colors for clarity

So, as you can see, the Ride lamp wire gets a resistor, then a diode, then on to the positive side of the LED. The turn signal wire gets a diode, then connects to the positive side of the LED, the same point as the Riding lamp wire. The LED ground goes to the bikes's turn signal ground.

A couple of hints, remember that the diode has what is called a cathode, and anode, end, which is represented by a small gray stripe on the diode itself. What a resistor diode does, is limit the flow of current in one direction, a check valve of sorts. Make sure to wire it correctly, keeping in mind the anode of a device is the terminal where current flows in and the cathode of a device is the terminal where current flows out.

Also, of note, for some reason, on my LED lights, on one side, the positive wire (white, and ground wire (black) were reversed. This made for a lot of frustration as to why it wouldn't work, so I thought I would pass that along if things aren't doing what they should..

The end result will be fully functioning led lights that light up half power when the parking lamps are on, but switch to full flash when the turn signal is on, and flash normally when the parking lamps are off.

Troy AKA Catz

Editor's Note

I added this FZR wiring Diagram to show what wires you need find for this Mod.

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