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Here is some information I got from Steve Kesselring, Owner of Performance Design and contact for the Flo-Commander. I asked him for some specifics on tuning with the Flo-commander setup, and he was nice enough to break it down for me. Keep in mind when he says “turn” below, he means a complete 360 degree rotation of the knob:

“Start at 3 turns open from closed. The main circuit in the carbs effects the mixture between about 15% open to wide open throttle, (regardless of rpm). Its 95% in control of the mixture from 1/3 throttle to WOT. So thats where you will want to take notice. At constant speed it won`t make much difference, (unless you are at least 1/4 or more open).

At first start with about 1/2 turn adjustments. If you notice the power pick up, go another 1/2 turn the same way. If you feel it drop off, go back to 3 turns & go the other way a 1/2. Keep going either way (don`t go past 5 turns open) till you feel the power begin to drop off. Then simply back up to the last good adj . & go just 1/4, or even an 1/8, until you hit the sweet spot. Do roll ons & open it fairly quickly both. You want the best of both throttle responce & smoothness while pulling. If you are say 4 or more out when it feels the best you can drop a jet size & go back to 3 turns to fine tune again. If you are more closed than say 1.5 to 2 turns open then you can go up a jet & do again.

With the remote though this whole process might only take you a few minutes!!”

In case people are reading this who don't have a flo-commander and want to know what it is, please reference and on the left click “How It Works”

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