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Rear Suspension

  • Dogbones(see Hyrbid/Fabrication for directions) - Stock FZR400/600 Dogbones are 5.8“ center to center. Stock 89-95 FZR1000's are 165mm.
  • Fox Racing Twin Clicker ([FOX Twin Clicker Setup Manual]): The Fox Twin Clicker is engineered to provide superior suspension control compared to your stock shock, increasing your range of damping control by as much as 40%. Whether you're scraping your knee or crossing states, upgrading your bike with a FOX TC shock will maximize your bike's range of performance.

Fox shocks are no longer produced for the FZR series. They quit making them in the mid 1990's. Used units are still sold on eBay from time to time and will fetch anywhere from $200-500 depending on the condition. Expect to do some basic maintenance on any unit purchased through eBay or other online venue.

Worn Fox Twin ClickerFox Twin Clicker DisassembledFox Twin Clicker Refurbished

  • Progressive Suspension : The Progressive 420 shock is still available from the manufacture as a new item but they do not stock it expect to wait about 6 weeks for manufactureing.

Progressive 420Progressive 420Progressive420

  • Penske 8987 “Triple Clicker” Racing Shock : Penske Racing Shocks have captured countless professional and amateur road racing titles, and are used by factory riders & privateers alike. This shock is the top-of-the-line model produced by Penske, providing riders, racers, and suspension tuners the ultimate in flexibility, tuneability, and control, and performance. The Penske 8987 features 25 clicks of low speed compression adjustment and 17 clicks of high speed, yielding an incredibly fine degree of control, as well as amazing levels of traction and feedback. The turn-by-hand adjusters are housed on a remote reservoir assembly. This remote reservoir allows for greatly improved resistance to heat fade over piggyback designs, and can be located to allow for compression adjustments on-the-fly. All Penske motorcycle shocks, including the 8987, include a 36-click ultra-fine rebound adjuster, a variable-length eyelet for on-the-bike ride-height adjustments, fully threaded shock bodies, and quick turn preload collars. The build quality on all Penske models is superb, as is the performance.

Penske 8987

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